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"WMC Heaters for you ! Trap, Moomba, Juke, DNB, Bmore & more with AaronLifton, Sazon Booya, David Heartbreak, Zee Reach, King Kong, Jake Deejay Theory, Aylen, 2Deep, Noms, Tony Vibe Radiokillaz, Emynd and more fuckers like Valentino Khan and shit."  Walmer Convenience --



Zee Reach "Caramba !" - Free Download posted on Walmer Convenience currently at WMC. Read the post called "WMC Song Dump"   (the latest shit from WMC you need to wreck parties) and download "Caramba !" with tracks from other Artists. I really appreciate their support about my music and if you don't know already these guys from Walmer Convenience here' some infos about them :

We are the people of Walmer Convenience. We are three friends that are tied by the fact that we used to get drunk in a convenience store in Toronto. It’s true. We don’t lie. What is important is that we love music. We fucking love it. We have loved music all our lives and our lives revolve around it. One day, a day that will live in infamy, the store closed and was sold to people who turned it into a fucking Italian frozen yogurt cafe. Yes! Of all things. What could we do? We needed a place to drink booze and play music. Sure we had our apartments and could have easily chilled there but what was the fun in that? People chill in apartments all the time. Not cool anymore. Played out. Then we remembered that two of us could dj and that the other one had a way with people that could not be beat. A plan started to form. Ideas were tossed around and finally the moment was ready for the emergence of WALMER CONVENIENCE! Named after the historic store we grew up in we began to move into the party business in Toronto. We play in venues all over town and if you see one of our flyers you best be ready to get your ears kicked in because we serve up the hottest shit around. Guaranteed. At our parties you could hear dancehall, electro, hip hop, booty, kuduro, italo disco, b-more, roots reggae, ghettotech, disco, cumbia… fuck we could go on and on.


Peace to the drunk ass Dirty French Man !



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